Theatre Rental

The main theatre showroom is adaptable to host seminars, training and presentations. The room can comfortably accommodate over two hundred participants. The sound is state of the art and has been professionally designed for the theatre's unique space so that every seat experiences the same quality sound. There are two 70 inch HD flat screens on either side of the stage with the ability to add 3 more 42 inch HD monitors to service the back third of the theatre if needed. Above the front of the stage, tucked discreetly above the ceiling grid, is a 42 inch HD flat screen monitor for presenters to utilize for their presentations. If needed, the stage area can be illuminated with versatile LED stage lighting, and the body of the showroom itself has ample lighting for classroom presentations. We also have professional cameras for recording, live streaming or video conferencing.

The front lounge Green Room East End is a rich vibrant space with full granite bar and granite drink rails throughout the room. Wood Oak floors complement the lush green walls filled with comedy paraphernalia from McCurdy's historic quarter century of comedy. Over the main bar are two 55 inch HD Flat screens which can be utilized to watch cable television programs, pre-produced programs, or real time presentations from the showroom stage. There are also four other smaller monitors throughout the Green Room to present pre-produced programs. The Green Room East End can comfortably accommodate smaller groups of up to fifty for pre-show cocktail parties or more intimate gatherings. Our kitchen is equipped to provide simple catering and we also work with the area's most exclusive caterers to provide your group with whatever cuisine you desire.

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