Humor Institute

at McCurdy's Comedy Theatre

The Institute is dedicated to the cultivation and enlightenment of the Art of Stand-Up Comedy for those who desire to learn. Les McCurdy & Ken Sons are the foundation of the Institute with over thirty years of experience as performers, speakers and instructors. Les and Ken can also tailor a comedy course to your company or event.

The core programs are focused on teaching the understanding and structure behind developing a stand-up routine and performance. Classes have been developed for all ages and interests from our teen workshops and Kids Komedy Kamp to classes for adults and companies. We offer Humor in the Workplace seminars, Improvisation, Politically Correct Comedy and our most popular Stand-Up Comedy Boot Camp.

Les McCurdy started a totally unique program in 2005 called Special O'Laughics. He created a workshop that teaches mentally challenged adults the art of stand-up and sketch comedy. The program is the only one of its kind in the world and has been the subject of a PBS Special and the largest article of its kind featured in The St. Petersburg Times. It is chronicled in a documentary film produced by Les and Ken and featured in a TED Talk presented by Les McCurdy.

Adult Comedy Bootcamp $225

For 18yrs old and up. Our Comedy Boot Camp is an immersion program offering 10 hours of training over three days to develop a three to five minute stand-up performance set. We pride ourselves on a 95% success rate. That is 95% of our students have had a good to great performance experience. The other 5%...just don’t listen!

Nov 05, 2016 to Nov 13, 2016

Comedy Improvisation $200

Improvisation is to invent, compose, or recite without preparation; the art of working off the top of your head. The class focuses on performance structures that the Bermuda Mavericks actually use in their shows. These theater exercises introduce you to the world of spontaneous humor. The class is a lot of fun. It helps you with character development while increasing your confidence on stage. The class is very interactive and full of comedy surprises.

Oct 15, 2016 to Oct 16, 2016



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