Open Mic Comedians

Code Of Conduct

Our stage is well known as one of the best places in the world to perform stand up comedy and one of the most sought after stages to get on in the comedy industry. We have easily five times as many professional comedians trying to get bookings here as we have slots to fill and our open mic slots are filled, sometimes, months in advance. So here are our expectations of the comedians performing on open mic night. professional. We expect every performer to read and follow these guidelines. If any of these rules are not followed it will result in a period of suspension from performing at the Theatre. If a performer has repeated or extreme problems it could result in a permanent suspension.

You must call in to the box office to schedule an open mic date; No date will be given at the Theatre after your performance. When you call, politely let our box office staff know that you want to sign up for the next available open mic date. Then be prepared to give them your name, telephone number, and e-mail address. If the date that you are given is not a date you have available you may ask for another date. The box office is not allowed to spend more time than necessary on open mic dates so be quick, efficient, and polite. If you are in any way impolite, or improper while speaking to our staff you will be disconnected and not allowed to perform here.

You will be given 3 minutes. Each time you are on stage you are evaluated and when we believe you are ready for more time it will be offered to you. We are looking for a tight, efficient, set that is consistently effective. We are listening for strong audience response and we are watching for a history of consistency. You will not have to ask for more time we will offer it to you when we believe you have proven yourself in our Theatre.

If you are trying to work here professionally you will prove yourself at 3 min. then move gradually, probably one minute at a time, up to 7 minutes. Then we would offer you the chance to do a guest set on a night with professional performers. That is how you would move up the ladder here. Asking will not make it happen. Having excellent, strong, performances will make it happen and you will know if your performances are going in that direction because we will offer you more time.

You must call the day before your open mic date and confirm it. If you do not call 24 hours in advance you will be taken off the list and your slot will be given to someone else. Doors open at 7 p.m. you are to arrive between 7 and 7:15 p.m. if you are late you risk losing your slot. If you do not show up for a confirmed slot and did not call in to let us know you were not going to make it you will not be able to sign up again for six months.

When you arrive you must check in at the Box office window. If there is a line get in it and wait your turn. If the line is going to make you late you may walk up to the front of the line and politely let the box office attendant know that you are here for open mic, your name, and that you are in line. When you get in the room you will be assigned a seat, which is your seat for the entire night. You will e given two tickets for comp non-alcoholic drinks. You pay for anything else and please tip the server whether you pay or use the tickets. Do not ever appear noticeably intoxicated in the Theatre. The host for the evening will come to you and let you know your place in the order of the open mic portion of the show. You may not request where you go up in the order of the show. Either take the spot you are given or don't do the set. If you have an intro more than just your name it must be typed and handed to the host at this time, no handwritten intros accepted. Your intro needs to be short and to the point. Open Mic performers are not allowed in the Green Room without permission from the Showroom Manager. The Showroom Manager is the only one who can give you permission, not any other comedian. If a comic asks you to come to the Green room you tell them you have to get permission first. During the evening you are expected to follow the rules of the Theatre. These rules are posted in the Theatre, on our website, and are in our preshow presentation.

Your time begins from the moment the host has introduced you. There is a light and clock on a stool on the front corner of the stage. When you have one minute left in your set the light will come on and stay on. When you have arrived at the end of your time the light will flash a few times and then the music will gradually fade up. You should have your set timed so that you don't need the light. That is a step in the right direction towards being a professional. But, when the light flashes you need to stop your set at that moment and say something along the lines of, "That's my time, Thank You!" When you come off stage, if you are staying in the showroom, go to your seat and enjoy the rest of the show. Do not go to a group of friends or other open mic performers and start talking about your set while in the Theatre. If you need to talk you need to go outside the showroom.

You are allowed up to eight guests. Your guests must call in themselves and make a reservation and we must have their phone number for their reservation to be valid. Your guests call the box office and tell the attendant or leave a message that they want to be on your guest list, saying your name. This is a general admission reservation and their seats will be assigned when the entire party arrives. If your party wants a certain table they will need to pay for the tickets. They must follow all the rules of the Theatre. If any of your guests break a theatre rule they risk no admittance or being asked to leave. Generally patrons are given a polite first warning if breaking a Theatre Rule, after the first warning if the problem continues they will be asked to leave.

Guests are expected to be quiet and respectful during the performance. There is a two-item purchase minimum per person and everyone in the showroom must adhere to this purchase minimum. The only exceptions are the performers.

We are very serious about the professional quality of our Theatre. We have a reputation for treating everyone in our showroom, be it guests or entertainers at any level, with kindness and respect. We expect you to do the same. o be prepared so you can attempt to do your best. That is all we ask. You are an amateur so we don't expect you to have a professional quality performance. We want to give you the best opportunity to do well and learn the craft. Just be ready, respect the art of stand up comedy, and a have a good time.



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